Regular inspections by the Scottish Care Inspectorate (set up by the Scottish Parliament and accountable to ministers) have ranked us as “Very Good”.


We are an accredited Living Wage employer. A living wage accreditation is a symbol of responsible business practice and means we voluntarily pay our excellent staff more than the minimum wage.


We have been recognised by the Scottish Parliament, which included an announcement in the Parliament Chamber, for our excellent evaluation results by Education Scotland and the standard of the care we provide our children.

Opening hours and prices

ClubTimeAll ages
Breakfast Club7am - 8am£8.00
Morning Session8am - 12.30pm£23.00
Afternoon Session1.30pm - 6pm£23.00
Full Day8am - 6pm£43.00
Extra Hour12.30pm - 1.30pm£6.50

My children had an amazing experience here. The staff fully developed and also more importantly nurtured my children and helped shape them into the switched on, intelligent and socially able children they are today. Many thanks.

- Lynne Pin

They are a great nursery. My daughter has learned a little French, Polish and Sign Language thanks to Daisychain. I'd definitely recommend them.

- Gordon Parkes

Brilliant nursery, staff are friendly and helpful! Would recommend The Daisychain nursery to anyone for kids of any age! 5 stars..

- Lindsay Ness

All 5 of my children went to the Daisychain in Loughborough Road and they loved it. The staff were always helpful and there were always fun activities for the kids to do..

- Wendy Sarah